Buying & Selling Guideline

Step 1: (Booking 3% or more)

•Pay booking fee 3%
•Receipt will be given to buyers upon paying booking fee.
•Sign Letter Of Offer / acceptance.
•Booking Fee is forfeitable if purchaser abort the transaction.
•The seller has to double pay the booking fee if the seller decide not to sell the said property.

Step 2: 14 days(Sale and Purchase Agreement + Balance Deposit 7%)

•Pay 7% balance of 10% of the sale price upon signing Sale & Purchase Agreement and 14 days after signing Letter Of Offer / acceptance.

Step 3: 90 days + 30 days (Settlement Period 90%)

•The date of Settlement of outstanding balance can be discuss by both party before signing Sale and Purchase Agreement
•Normally, the buyer will be given 3 month to settle outstanding balance after execution of the sale and purchase agreement.
•The buyer can request extend for one month. Within this one month, the buyer has to pay interest calculated per day.
•In the event that the consent has to obtain from the relevant government authorities (Leasehold/Malay reserve/Some of Freehold) or Developer (for master title) and/or issuance of certificated of Fitness, Settlement period are count on date receipt of consent.

Step 4: Take Possession

•The property would be given upon full payment.